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Some people want to live within a mile of a steeple or a church bell. Me, I want to set up a mission station one foot from the gates of Hell!
                                                                                Pastor Stephen Joyce


I live in constant awe of the grace of God, that he would take a kid who lost both parents by the time he was 11 years of age;  who grew up in the streets of  the inner city without parental guidance; save, transform  and give his life mission and purpose.


Someone once said that “God will take your misery and turn it into your ministry”. That’s what He did for me. By God’s grace, I have planted several churches. One house church, One within prison walls and one in  Washington D.C. (About My Father’s Business).


Through partnership with other churches in our Grace Brethren Fellowship,  I have been part of missions teams in Mexico and in Haiti. Through God’s grace, I have led missions teams from all over the country to Washington DC in ministering to the homeless, and sharing the hope of Jesus Christ to thousands. In the inner city this statement is so true. “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”. I have witnessed our Lord  transform murderers, prostitutes and drug addicts into servants, saints, and sons of God.


I have an amazing wife; Rosie (I call her the black Mother Theresa). We share four Children and five grandchildren. For me, on this side of eternity, life does not get any better than this.

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